Wearing Fashionable Jewelry Versus Gold/Silver

Some people may like to wear fashionable jewelry since they come in a variety of styles compare to gold & silver jewelry. This type of jewelry is inexpensive and may not be good for you if you are allergic, with sensitive skin towards wearing them. 

From my experience working with costume jewelry and other types of jewelry.  I think the best type of jewelry to use is gold or silver jewelry. These jewelries are 14k gold, 18k gold, 24k gold, platinum, 14k gold filled, sterling silver, semi-precious, gemstones, crystal beads, Swarovski crystal, glass beads, wood beads or porcelain beaded jewelry.

Some customers told me they usually put nail polish on their costume jewelry, I do not recommend using nail polish on your costume jewelry.  Especially since your skin is sensitive

Here in this store, you’ll see a variety of beautiful fashionable jewelry, some are gold plated with 18k gold.  Hope this information is helpful to you.


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