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Ladies Pregnancy Belly Belt

Ladies Pregnancy Belly Belt

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Discover the ultimate solution for pregnancy-related back pain and symphysis pubis discomfort with our Ladies Pregnancy Belly Belt. It's designed to provide essential support and relief during this special time, our premium-quality belly belt gently adapts to your growing belly, reducing pressure and preventing abdominal and back pain.

Its versatility as a symphysis belt offers added value in easing symphysis strain and discomfort. Wear it discreetly under clothing for practicality and comfort, allowing you to maintain an active lifestyle during pregnancy.

Specifications: Material: 76% Polyester and 24% Elastane
Size: S = 70cm - 100cm (Maximum Stretch) M = 80cm - 110cm (Maximum Stretch) L = 90cm - 120cm (Maximum Stretch) XL = 100cm - 130cm (Maximum Stretch) XXL = 110cm - 140cm (Maximum Stretch)

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