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Solar Powered Waterproof Garden Light

Solar Powered Waterproof Garden Light

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Discover the Solar Powered Waterproof Garden Light!  This vintage solar-powered and waterproof lighting is great for your backyard! Combining an old-fashioned style with modern function and efficiency, this garden light is designed to last. Its solar panel can be charged during the day and activated when motion is detected; energy is also stored to keep it lit even after dark. With no hard-wiring required, installation is easy and effortless.

This 1.2V lamp has a power output of 0.06W and an IP44 waterproof rating, so you can rest assured that the weather won’t impact its performance. Enjoy a timeless vintage look and reliable power in an eco-friendly package—the Solar Powered Waterproof Vintage Garden Light produces plenty of ambience and flair for any outdoor space!

You can turn it off and on whenever you want, without spending a dollar to charge and use it!

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